Making of Ayasha

Making of Ayasha
Skill Level: Intermediate
Used Software: 3ds Max , Mudbox, Vray, Photoshop
Completion Time: 4 hours

My style is cartoony I would like my character be a childlike kind totally
Before start designing any character you must know the characteristics of the character like what is the age, from which background character is coming, what was the objective etc…? So before I start to design my character I spotted some characteristic for that, and because my style is cartoony I would like my character be a childlike kind totally. So I wrote for myself on the paper “childlike, lovely, brave & oppressed”, I think it’s very important point in creating a character, because it will affect the whole characterization. So this is my basic concept of character and details.


I used the 3ds Max, Mudbox, V-Ray and Photoshop for creating this character in 3D. After import the character design to 3d space I started everything by a simple sphere. I set the segments of Sphere a couple numbers (12) and after primary parameters adjustments I converted that to editable poly and start the modeling…

I used the Cylinder for modeling the body, hands and feet. After some primary parameters adjustments in the object used for modeling, I converted that to editable poly.

Here is the first render of the finished model of Ayasha.


In texturing stage I spend a lot of time for finding my desired textures on internet and in all the cases I mostly reached to my desired results with a combination of several textures.
For e.g. I used image number (1) for Ayasha’s dress and in Photoshop I made the little change in Saturation (2) .
Image number (3) was a blood stain I compounded to image number (2), also I used image number (4) as bump map for that, with such combinations I designed all of my textures.

I used biped for posture of the character.

In modeling of terrain I used the spline (Shapes) and Terrain (Compound Objects) to create a rocky ground. Also I used the box for making the Stones.


After that I imported the low-poly model of terrain to Mudbox and little worked on details and again imported back to 3ds Max. After importing the high-poly model in max I applied the Optimize modifier from the list to reduce lots of non-essential faces, I wanted to cover the terrain with grass so I really didn’t need many faces… and finally the composition.

I used of two VrayLights with cold and warm colors for lighting the scene. The warm light with Multiplier=12 and cold light with Multiplier=3. I used VrayLights to keep away from the hard shadows, because hard shadows were not suitable for my style.

Here you can see the render settings…

Adding grass to the terrain and Hair and Fur adjustments:

It is the image I used for the background.

It had so cold colors and I would like to have a warmer background so I used Photoshop and Levels to change the colors, also I added a warm gradient color under clouds near the horizon. Color changes done and included the Eagle.

Now I have done the Final Rendering. I used Light Room and Photoshop for final touches, I changed the brightness, contrast and colors in some parts of the image and here is the final image.

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