Tutorial “Create Panorama Image”

Tutorial “Create Panorama Image”
Skill Level: Intermediate
Used Software: 3DsMax
Completion Time: 6:13

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create panorama (360 degrees) images with 3DsMax. These kind of pictures can be used well for showing inside and interior places.

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  • My name is Hani. I was born In 1984 .I grown up in Tehran, Iran and now live in Ningbo, China. I started 3d with 3dsmax in 2000. Afterwards I got acquainted with Maya and Softimage. Hence I am working with these two softwares. I am greatly interested in modeling characters mostly in Max, Zbrush & Maya software as high and low polygon.

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  • Mohyjj

    سلام هانی خانم
    من هم انیمیشن کار میکنم
    خوشحال شدم دیدم یه ایرانی اینجاس :)
    امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشید و عاقبت بخیر


  • Iamflox

    Check Promenadd VIZ Plugin for 3DS Max, you can set many points and routes in 3ds view and export your project in 360 panorama for the web. Works in HD with Vray. 
    Some examples here: http://www.promenadd.com/en/gallery/