Tips on Creating a 3D Model Female Virtual Character More Attractive


Creation of 3D models of human and females in particular requires a strong background in 3D modeling and designing and for sure a newbie can’t boast having enough knowledge to fulfill making of any 3D model female virtual character successfully and in a flawless way.

However everyone should start from something and if you have managed to get to know how to create the simplest 3D models using the most popular and professional software for 3D modeling like 3DS MAX developed by Autodesk or any other reliable and professional programs developed especially for 3D designing then you can boldly try to level up and make more complicated 3D models like a 3D model female virtual character.

Such virtual 3D human models are used in video games and video clips and if the developing in these spheres is the most interesting for you kind of occupation then you need to learn foremost how to create not just an ordinary but also a very attractive and bright, individual virtual 3D model of a female character to use it in your own gaming project or to include it in your portfolio which can be a sort of a bonus if you decide to enter a college and become a professional 3D designer (which is by the way one of the most sought after and highly paid professions nowadays).

Besides a lot of PR agencies which are interested in creation of their advertisement with the usage of the innovative technologies have an urgent need in hiring a professional 3D models designer so they could create attractive models of 3D females used in the spheres of special effects and animated projects applied in their turn everywhere at the moment.

That is why you can follow next few tips helping to make your 3D model female virtual character more attractive and individual:

1) The first thing you need to remember –any 3D model female virtual character has to be realistic enough so people could associate it with a real human being and that is why attractive features won’t be unnecessary. Beautiful faces and slim figures are the key features you need to achieve while creating your 3D model female virtual character because it happens so that naturally more attractive people and consequently 3D models of human beings cause higher interest than unattractive people. Keep this in mind while making a female 3D model virtual character.

2) It is quite obvious that beautiful 3D models will attract more attention but what are the beauty standards in 3D modeling and how to make your 3D model female virtual character ultimately beautiful so everyone could claim it attractive and not only you? This task may seem not so easy because every person has his/her own beauty standards and you have to stick to the most common ones to create your female 3D model virtual character more popular among people of all ages and statuses (if you create a character for a video game orientated at young people you should take into account the preferences they may have).

3) While modeling a body of your female 3D model virtual character won’t cause any troubles if you stick to a tutorial given by 3DS MAX developers a face of a 3D model is a very creative field where everyone is given freedom to express himself. As it was mentioned there are no universal beauty standards but you can use few recommendations to make your model more attractive for everyone:

– its face – it should be narrow and according to your own preferences with fatter zones around cheeks and a chin.
– its eyes – you have to increase in a slight way the distance between your 3D model’s eyes and do not forget to modify eyelids thinner to emphasize eyelashes and make them visually darker, longer and fuller.
– its eyebrows – they should be narrow and dark and having an arc shape.
– its cheek bones – do not forget to raise them higher to make a face more attractive.
– its lips – should be full and which is more important symmetrical.
– its nose – has to be narrow and not very big as well as not very tiny.
– its skin – make it of one tone, preferably if it is suntanned but you can choose any tone you personally like.

In such way you can look forward to create an incredibly attractive and remarkable 3D model of a female virtual character.

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