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Collection of 15 Useful 3D Tutorials

For today’s collection, we are presenting a useful and handy assortment of 15 fresh 3D tutorials for you. This list of tutorials covers all levels of 3D modeling and rendering. Thus, this post will be equally helpful for the beginners as well as for the professionals. We hope that you will like this collection. Enjoy!

Tutorial “A 3D Blender Flowers Still Life”

In this tutorial you can see how to model and to make realistic material for another still life image.

Tutorial “A Blender Mountain Landscape in Blender”

In this video tutorial entirely created with Blender I explain how to model the lake and the rocks.

Tutorial “Creating a Greek corner through Blender (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second part of the tutorial about an architectural greek corner created with Blender 2.6.

Tutorial “Creating a Greek corner through Blender (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first part of a video tutorial I made through Blender 2.62 on the creation of a classic architectural greek scene.

Editing Videos with Blender

A lot of you have been asking for how to use the Blender built-in video editor, so here is the answer.

Blender and GIMP — HDRI Lighting and Shadow Compositing

In this tutorial i will show you how to light a scene with an HDRI image and then composite the shadow onto a back plate in GIMP.

Tutorial “Intro to Rigging in Blender”

In this tutorial we see how to use armatures, how to add bones, add constraints

Blender — Hard Surface Modeling Techniques

In this tutorial I will cover some of the basic hard surface modelling techniques using built in Blender tools, as well as why it is crucial to keep a clean mesh and to use primitives for modelling precise angles.

Creating Old Film Effects

You’ll learn how to add film grain and color correction (appart from a few other effects like flickering) to make a video look old!

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