3DExport: Basic and Extended License Usage Examples

Listed below are some examples of what the Regular and Extended licenses on 3DExport can be used for by category. You should also read the precise licensing terms, and the simplified overview to understand how our licenses work.

The information presented below is provided to assist you understand our licensing regime and the ways in which you may use the products which are available for sale on 3DExport. This information does not form part of the license terms. In the event there is any inconsistency between the license terms and the following information then the license terms will prevail and will be what regulates your use of the product you buy.

Important Note: Not all uses for items are listed below. If your intended use does not match any of the examples below, please refer to the license terms.

Important Note: Each item within a pack is considered to have its own license. For example, someone could purchase a pack of 10 textures and use each texture in a different project, as long as each individual texture is used in one project only.

3D Models

Basic License Examples
The Regular License could be used for any of the following:

  1. Single rendered still or animated visualization such as an architectural walkthrough or mockup
  2. Single freely distributed game
  3. Single freely viewable video such as commercial, animation or YouTube video
  4. Single 2D or 3D print freely distributed (not individually resold), such as a project mockup, flier, catalogue

Extended License Examples
The Extended License could be used for any of the following:

  1. Single commercial game, online or offline, computer or console.
  2. Single commercial movie or video for sale.
  3. Single 2D or 3D print for sale such as a physical object, a greeting card, t-shirt design or poster

How much does the Extended License cost for 3D Models?

The Extended license costs 3 times the cost of the Regular license of the item. For example, a 3D Model that’s $50 under a Regular license, would be $100 (2 x $50) under an Extended license.

Important Notes
Packs of items are each considered to have their own license. For example, someone could purchase a regular license of a pack of 3d models, and use each model within a different project, as long as they use each model in one project only.

Items purchased under a regular or extended license may NOT be redistributed or resold “as-is” or as part of any other collection of 3d model resources or files.

Purchaser’s Rights – You have the right to include this asset in your own productions, which produced and/or sold for their own merit.  You have the right to distribute the likeness of this model in 2 dimensional formats including images and video.  You do not have the right to re-distribute or sell this asset, or derivatives of this asset in it’s 3 dimensional format.

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