Category: Getting Paid

Do I need a verified paypal to request payment? Yes, you need verified paypal account to receive payments. Continue reading
How often do I get payments? We pay our sellers once a month, between the 10th and the 15th day of the month, for the sales ... Continue reading
Do you provide Chargeback Protection for your sellers? Yes, we do, provided that you are qualified for that: We offer Chargeback Protection for up to 3 fraudulent purchases ... Continue reading
How can I send my PayPal or Webmoney details to you? You can find everything you need to do that in your Profile. You can enter your PayPal and/or banking details, ... Continue reading
My Statistics page says that I’ve been paid – where’s my money? Provided that the PayPal (or Webmoney, if you use it instead) account settings in your Profile are correct, there might ... Continue reading
How can I avert returns of the items I sell? Above all, try to make accurate item previews and provide comprehensive information in item descriptions — assuming that your items ... Continue reading
Payment Rates Each time someone buys an item at Netrino Media Marketplaces, a certain portion of the sale amount goes into the vendor’s ... Continue reading
My Sales page says I’ve been paid, but I have not gotten the funds. For PayPal, make sure that we have your correct PayPal address. Check your PalPal account for "pending" transactions or communications ... Continue reading